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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Tutorial on Color Blocking

I posted a similar tutorial to this last week but I deleted it because I thought it was stupid. I used the Taylored Expressions Color Block die.

In this first picture you will see the frame that the die cuts. I laid it on top of a piece of lightweight cardstock I will fasten it to. I used tape around the edges and on the inside strips I used a bit of Mono Adhesive glue. I used my Copic marker over the inside lines to come close to the color of the frame. I will show you why next.

When laying down the frame follow the outside edges of the bottom cardstock exactly. Smooth the inside strips after the outside frame is in place. The frame is wobbly and you want it to be perfectly straight or the inside blocks will not fit correctly. Now you get to start using the die to cut scraps of paper to fit in the blocks.

This is my first block glued in place. See that little crack at the top and bottom of the block? You can't see it? You can't see it because I colored that space with the marker. If you use a sheet of white paper to lay the frame on you will see that crack and it stands out like a sore thumb.

This is the finished card. I glued a star to the bottom block and a popped up button on the top.


Cindy E. Rapson said...

This is wicked awesome!! NOT stupid at all. Thanks for sharing. Maybe OWH will use this for one of THEIR tutorials. Keep on paper-crafting Cora... :)

Ronni Unger said...

Great job on the tutorial! I love that you tell it like it is! Now I have another Die to buy!

Elsie B said...

I've looked at this die and thought $25 was really a lot to spend, but then I realize how much time I've spent trimming, placing, trimming again, placing again, ruining pieces because I trimmed too much, whatever. It now seems like not too much to pay. Question - Does the die cut only the frame, or do you use it on all types of paper and end up with papers to mix and match for a series of cards?

CDR Janny said...

Elsie, I thought $25 was too much, but the set actually has 11 dies: each block has a smaller rectangle (or square) and scalloped rectangle (or square). Will be ordering today - inspired by Cora Jean's work.