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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Another flower children card

I think I need to figure out if I can make an album of just this series. Anyway, here is one that will go in the mail tomorrow to my sister. I don't even know if she is still in the hospital or home or at her daughters. The daughter didn't return the message I left earlier this evening.

I was out at 7 this morning for my walk. It has been raining but it was dry when I walked. Then I slept all day. Works for me. I will be up all night I am sure. In a way I dread the rainy season to start. I like my daily walks around the park. With all the weight I have lost I am going to have to invest in a warmer jacket soon. Still need to shop for pants that aren't baggie too. I just keep putting off the shopping. Might have to look for an umbrella that is comfortable in the hand too. The one I have is not comfortable at all.

The inside of the card reads

Saucy little Black-eyed Susan,
When her mother caught her snoozin;
Rubbed her sleepy eyes and said
She guessed she'd toddle off to bed.