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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My craft room-organization

This is how I do my ribbons. I have at least a sample of any rolls I have on this door. The leftover on the rolls goes in the closet. I am fond of buying 1 or 2 yard lenghts of ribbon at my Ben Franklin

I have 2 drawers of the chalk inks right near my working desk. I use them all the time to color the edges of cards

My acrylic blocks are in the same Iris cart, right where I can reach them

I have 10 containers of Twinkling H2Os stored in these compartmentalized containers. I threw away the lids. The pencils are in Dansk Bistro coffee mugs I bought for $.50 each  at Goodwill. I never use them anymore so I condensed them down to 3 mugs. The container with my Stickles was also a Goodwill purchase. I love that it can be carried.

I have a couple of drawers in the Iris carts full of packages of Acrylic stamps. I have found it is just easy to store them this way as to put them in CDs.

My Nestabilities are on pegboard I bought at Michaels. I love having them where I can see them.

My son-in-law put up these 4" shelves from Ikea. I can't remember the company that makes the little plastic jars but they fit just right on the shelves. Right below these shelves I have 3 Iris carts. I used 2 planks of leftover flooring popped together and made a top to fit over them. On that shelf I keep my inks and Copis and embossing folders.

I keep my edger punches on the windowsill. The other puches are in the closet, which I took the doors off of.

Right hand desk drawer

Left hand desk drawer with cardstock filed by color

My favorite cart on wheels of which I have 2. It has 2 levels. The top level will hold the folders for 12" paper. This is where I keep most  patterned paper that has been cut. I used my label maker to organize.

This is my other cart by Cropper Hopper. It holds all my 12" patterned paper that has not been chopped on. Yes, I have a paper collection that will last for years. I keep my scoring board on the shelf

My desk from left to right. The cart on the right is what I keep my 12" cardstock in. Behind that is a cart I keep misc. stuff in.

My computer desk with my Big Kick. I store reference notebooks on the shelf

All of the other pictures are of things in my closet. I do have an overflow of stuff into another bedroom but I live alone so it is not a problem and it is all organized.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at my space. I love to organize. I find it very relaxing