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Thursday, March 10, 2011

OWH-mid week throwdown

I made several of these cards with different color combinations. The digital rainbow image is from Stretch N Bubbles. The word art is from Create with TLC. Paulette at TLC had an offer to send in a watermarked image and she would make a sentiment. I had bought the image to make OWH cards with but couldn't come up with a good sentiment. I sent her this image and she was kind enough to brainstorm and this is what she came up with. I think it is perfect. I merged the 2 images and it was a perfect design.

The midweek throwdown wants cards with polka dots. The first one is just right. Both cards were made with paper from a huge slab that I have had a long time.

Right after I scanned this polka dot card my scanner went wonky. It is making a huge bar of light across my images. I am thinking I pressed to hard on the platen cleaning it just before I scanned this. This one was fine but after that is was no dice. I just opened a $60 pack of ink from Costco for the printer. It isn't like I want to buy a new printer scanner combo with this ink sitting here. Maybe I will have to finally learn to take a good picture with my camera. Maybe I will buy a NEW camera. My grandaughter took an outside picture of the card with the flowers using her new $200 camera. New printer or new camera or use what I have. It rains here so much you can go days with no outside sun. Maybe I need to make a light box. I have been thinking about that.