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Thursday, March 10, 2011

OWH-mid week throwdown

I made several of these cards with different color combinations. The digital rainbow image is from Stretch N Bubbles. The word art is from Create with TLC. Paulette at TLC had an offer to send in a watermarked image and she would make a sentiment. I had bought the image to make OWH cards with but couldn't come up with a good sentiment. I sent her this image and she was kind enough to brainstorm and this is what she came up with. I think it is perfect. I merged the 2 images and it was a perfect design.

The midweek throwdown wants cards with polka dots. The first one is just right. Both cards were made with paper from a huge slab that I have had a long time.

Right after I scanned this polka dot card my scanner went wonky. It is making a huge bar of light across my images. I am thinking I pressed to hard on the platen cleaning it just before I scanned this. This one was fine but after that is was no dice. I just opened a $60 pack of ink from Costco for the printer. It isn't like I want to buy a new printer scanner combo with this ink sitting here. Maybe I will have to finally learn to take a good picture with my camera. Maybe I will buy a NEW camera. My grandaughter took an outside picture of the card with the flowers using her new $200 camera. New printer or new camera or use what I have. It rains here so much you can go days with no outside sun. Maybe I need to make a light box. I have been thinking about that.


Debby said...

pretty cards!

Jan Hunnicutt said...

Hi Cora Jean, Your cards are lovely, how nice of Paulette to come up with the sentiment for you! Camera or scanner, hmmmm. Camera! You can make a light box for your cards to get good photos if you go with the camera. It's nice to have a scanner though too! Thanks for playing in our challenge at Operation Write Home this week hope to see you again soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Cora! Cute cards and image. That is the perfect sentiment, I agree. My problem with taking photos of my cards, as opposed to scanning, is the file size is so large that I have to work and work to pare it down.

So nice to hear from you on my blog this morning. Yes, I'm finally blogging myself. I decided it is a good distraction from the work realities! I look forward to making new things and posting them. And I've been wanting to make OWH cards, so I've finally gotten started on that. I'll never make as many as you and Barb, but I'll try to at least make a showing!

Linda said...

Great cards! Love, love, love the rainbow! I am thinking of making a light box also.

Sherry Hickey said...

Cora, love the rainbow digi and the sentiment is beautiful!! I always love your cards. Hope you can get your printer fixed!

airbornewife said...

Your cards are adorable... thanks so much for sharing, Pam