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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Halloween boot #3

Maybe this will be my last boot card. I said maybe! The background scene was a digital freebie but I don't have the name of the source. Erica colored this boot with Copics. It is my favorite boot and I will send it to her for Halloween. I added Swarovski crystals. I also put Diamond Glaze on the green and purple portions of the main boot. I also used the glaze on the stars and moon on the cuff. Erica outlined all the curly cues with matching colors of Spica glitter pens.

My day yesterday was a real pick me up. I finally bit the bullet and shopped for smaller jeans. I have been wearing a belt of Ercil's to hold my current jeans up. Talk about a baggy butt and legs. How about a size 16! They even have tapered legs and I don't mean boot cut. They just look so nice on me. Also came home with 3 new blouses, all by Crazy Cat. They were in an xl. I topped off the shopping with a knee length coat to wear when I walk in the park and my lighter weight jackets fail to keep me warm. Another nice surprise just a bit ago. I was watching TV and I noticed I had my legs crossed. Now you all may take that for granted but it is something obese people can't do. Maybe like a guy crosses his legs we can do but that is about it. I know it has to have been at least 35 years since I could cross my legs nicely. So all in all, a very nice day, except for the fact that I spent a lot of money on those clothes!