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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Our love of paper

I don't normally blog unless I post a card but here goes.

Paper. We spend money buying it. Someone gives it to us a gift or because they are purging. It catches our eye and we crave it. Maybe I can use it down the road. Oh! It's on sale. We buy pads of the thin stuff that has 180 sheets. I used to but I haven't done that for years and years but I still have a lot of that paper. I got rid of a bunch but I really like these sheets. I will use them in the future. Ladies! The future never comes and we have more and more paper.

One of my daughters works with a lady that a few years ago had a scrapbook store. She is purging. I don't know her but she knows I use paper. Today my daughter brought me for the third time inches and inches of thin paper. Lots of it from those pads, some stuff from CTMH, all thin. Some of it is really cute. Will I ever use it? NO

Sandy has taught us to use really nice paper. I placed a call this evening to my grandsons wife. She teaches at an elementary school. I told her the paper was printed on one side and the other side was white, perfect to use to draw on. Yes, she would love to have it. It is one thing to give away paper that was given to you and another that you laid out cash for. That makes you think twice.

The thin paper that is solid I am cutting to line cards. I already have a lot cut and folded but I will do some more.

I am biting the bullet. The paper is going. I say that and I sit and think maybe I should go through it and pull the stuff I really like. Nope! It is going. I will use my nice paper of which I have more than enough. I will not in the future buy thin paper. Maybe in the future I will buy some nice paper again but for now I am shopping from my own store.

I bet there are plenty of you that can relate


Donna Nuce said...

You hit a nerve with this post! Oh boy do we have paper! I have been doing a little purging myself but you really made me think hard about even keeping the cute thin stuff. I rarely use it. I was a CM consultant for 5 years and I have lots of their paper but it is too thin for cards. I will use it to scrapbook but not on cards. Anything else not CM is going out the door! Thanks for the wake up call.

Misty said...

That is how I started, but Sandy and now you have and are teaching me not to waste my money or valuable space on cheap thin stuff. I think mine is going to the church or girl scout camp. Thanks Cora!

Tommi said...

Right on! I had this realization after your FB post last year about life is too short for the thin stuff :). So, when I get in a hard spot like, "it's pretty" or "I spent money in this therefore..." I tell myself that, I loved it once, and now it is time for someone else to love it. It is so much more pleasurable in using the good stuff, equal to good chocolate vs cheap chocolate... there is a difference :)

Conniecrafter said...

Oh yes I quit buying the thin stuff too, what I do have in my stash I use to make envelopes with and it is going down quite well. I also use those papers that come in packs that are too big of a print or just to wild for me to use on a card for envelopes :)

Sherry Hickey said...

A topic we can all relate to, Cora!!

Mavis said...

I seldom use the thin paper either. If I can't find the paper I want in my paper pad, I usually print my own paper. The colors and designs are endless and it is printed on white cardstock.