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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tutorial for stamp set envelope

I got tired of putting my stamp sets in CD containers. They are fine for single stamps and unmounted stamps but I now have about 100 cases and I am running out of room. I long ago started keeping my sets in the original packages but as you know they are prone to tearing. I put the sets that would fit into Avery Elle stamp storage envelopes and I love them but they are too short for some sets including Inkadinkadoo.

I have an abundance of Avery Premium Heavy Weight sheet holders. I also have a Staples brand my daughter gave to me but they are a lighter weight. I tried both and the Avery brand is much nicer.

Using your cutter cut 4" from the top open edge. I also trimmed off the edge a little where the holes are.

 Using your ruler and a Sharpie pen make a nice heavy line at the 5" mark. You need to be able to see it for one of the steps.

On the open top edge cut at an angle to the fold mark.

Using the 5" ink mark as a guide line use scissors to cut off from ONLY the ink marked side.

 Fold the leftover flap to the cut off edge. After you insert your stamp set, with some cardstock as backer, you can tuck the flap in. I trimmed off and used  the original backing from this set because it has the name of the stamp set on it.

I have a nice plastic basket from Walmart that is just the right size that
I put my stamps in so all I have to do is flip through them and pull out only the one I want.


Tommi said...

Thanks for the instructions! I've been using DVD cases, and am running out of room also.

Ronni Unger said...

What a great idea! I have many sets of clear and cling that are just hanging onto their package by a thread! AND I have tons of page protectors........ I am going to try this!

Colleen said...

AHHH A Must try to me also. Thanks!