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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Be my Valentine

I just finished scanning what felt like a million cards. This is the only one I have watermarked so this is the one I will post.

 I went to the Dr on Friday and got a prescription for Sudafed. In Oregon you can't buy it over the counter. Oregon decided it wanted to stop the little homegrown guys from cooking meth. Instead all the dopers get the stuff that is made by the gangs in Mexico. Some trade off. Anyway, my ears are still stuffed up. Sounds like I am listening through water. Still feeling crummy even though I am not technically sick.

This is a card made with a piece of clip art. I glossed up the berries with Diamond Glaze and they look real tasty. Very simple but it works for me.


JohnVm said...

Very fitting card! The way to anyone heart: chocolate covered strawberries! But truth be told I'd prefer champagne to hot chocolate.

Debby said...

looks yummy.Such a pretty card love how you did the sentiment.Hope your ears are better by now ;).