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Sunday, September 5, 2010


On the witch card I forgot to give credit for the digital image witch. It was a freebie on CDAC from Sunshine and Giggles. That is a digital image shop.

I got a call from a daughter this morning that woke me up. My 76 year old sister fell and broke her hip yesterday. It is very upsetting news. She went back to AZ 2 weeks ago after a 2 week visit with me. The Dr's will decide today how to repair it.

I have been in this room working on a birthday card for my great granddaughter that will be 9 in 2 weeks. Time to call it quits. I got only 4 hours of sleep. I am ready for a nap. You see, if I go to bed then I won't be tempted to go to Michaels and use the 50% off coupon on something I don't need. Want to place some bets? I will just get asleep and my oldest daughter will either call or come over. She almost always comes over on Sundays.


Melisa said...

I'm hoping you got a bit of a nap!

scrappinpeg said...

Hope you and your daughter were able to hurry over for that bargain. I would love to go too. But not sure I'll get there either while the sale is on. I could use 50% off on some more cording for my washer necklaces.

So sorry about Betty's fall. I hope she's able to mend qickly.... sending big hugs for her!